Greater Holland USBC  

Women's All City Team- 2020

Lori Kirkland   206.7

Tami Newberry 202.8

Briell Newberry  194.5

Robin Branden  188.2

Dawn Clapp    187.4

(alt) Rachel Handwerg  185.2





2019 team

Picture of the Women's All City Team/ from Opening Ceremonies/ City Tournament 



Tami Newberry, Briell Newberry, Dawn Clapp, Katie VanTuinen, and Chelsey Boscher



Katie VanTuinen      198.35

Briell Newberry        197.55

Chelsey Bosscher    194.70

Dawn Clapp             192.97

Tami Newberry        188.63

Kylee Fredrick         180.17 (alternate)



2017-2018 All City Team

Rachel Handwerg, Chelsey Bosscher, Dawn Clapp

Kylee Fredericks, Krystal Nyboer



Dawn Clapp            199.30

Krystal Nyboer        195.70

Kylee Fredricks        189.80

Chelsey Bosscher    186.70

Rachel Handwerg    182.80

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