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 Top 10 bowlers for week ending March 28, 2015  Week #30

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Men's High Game   Women's High Game
Kurt DeJonge Zeeland Suburban 290   Tami Newberry Four Star 267
Jim Rennick Tri City 290   Katie VanTuinen Four Star 267
Chad VanTuinen Tri City 280   Laura Bale Lake Effect 234
Chris Wabeke Zeeland Suburban 279   Marge Vant'Hof Thur Nite Misfits 232
Ryan Mead Tri City 276   Misty Mendez Friday Nite Rollers 217
Tom Krzywonos Zeeland Mon Trios 269   Dawn Clapp Thur Nite Misfits 215
Ron Kole Tri City 268   Jean Newton Friday Nite Rollers 211
Charlie Kirkland Tri City 268   Carol DeJonge Four Star 207
Kevin Pollock Tri City 268   Alicia Kornoelje Four Star 204
Todd Dalman RDML 267   Carol Vincent Friday Nite Rollers 204
Ronnie Snoke RDML 267        
Rob Gielezyk Tri City 267        
Harry Whiteman Tri City 267        
Men's High Series   Women's High Series
Chris Wabeke Zeeland Suburban 783   Katie VanTuinen Four Star 703
Steve Brandsen Tri City 757   Tami Newberry Four Star 692
Mike Klinge Zeeland Suburban 748   Dawn Clapp Thur Nite Misfits 612
Scott J Smith Tri City 745   Laura Bale Lake Effect 588
Nick Kooienga Zeeland Mon Trios 744   Misty Mendez Friday Nite Rollers 572
Tom Foster Tri City 734   Sally Moller Lake Effect 558
Charlie Kirkland Tri City 730   Jean Newton Friday Nite Rollers 555
Ron Kole Tri City 726        
Ryan Mead Tri City 724        
Kurt DeJonge Zeeland Suburban 721        


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