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High Bowling Scores week ending November 21, 2020  Week # 9


Holiday 500/600/700 Tournament Cancelled due to COVID.



   HIGH GAMES- WOMEN                      HIGH GAMES - MEN  
Dawn Cole-Saturday Night Fever 258 Chris Brummels-Rich Dalman Memorial 300
Lisa Dohn-Saturday Night Fever 248 Todd Dalman-Rich Dalman Memorial 296
Rachel Handwerg-Saturday Night Fever 235 Josh VerBurg-West Ottawa 280
Diana Smith-Saturday Night Fever 216 Joe Taylor-GeoBaker Twin Village 269
Vicki Lepior-Geo Baker Twin Village 215 Steve Petre-Saturday Night Fever 268
Melissa Van Malsen-Geo Baker Twin Village 213 Mike Piechocki-West Ottawa 266
Bel Guerra-Saturday Night Fever 206 Kurt DeJonge-Big Eight 265
Cindy Heckman-Saturday Night Fever 202 Wyatt Stone-West Ottawa 258
    Adam Prince-West Ottawa 257
    Randy Vugteveen-West Ottawa 257
    Bob Zuverink-Saturday Night Fever 257

            HIGH SERIES -MEN                

Dawn Cole-Saturday Night Fever 661 Josh VerBurg-West Ottawa 259-278-280 817
Rachel Handwerg-Saturday Night Fever 590 Chris Brummels-Rich Dalman Memorial 769
Melissa Van Malsen-Geo Baker Twin Village 582 Todd Dalman-Rich Dalman Memorial 747
Lisa Dohn-Saturday Night Fever 568 Joe Taylor-Geo Baker Twin Village 738
Monica Soliz-Saturday Night Fever 565 Steve Petre-Saturday Night Fever 735
Cindy Heckman-Saturday Night Fever 560 Bob Zuverink-Saturday Night Fever 726
Bel Guerra-Saturday Night Fever 547 Tim Woudwyk-West Ottawa 717
Diana Smith-Saturday Night Fever 546 Mike Torres-West Ottawa 714
    Kurt DeJonge-Big Eight 713
    Larry Sebring-Big Eight 673
    Shawn Wolters-Saturday Night Fever 673




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