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   HIGH GAMES- WOMEN                      HIGH GAMES - MEN  
Kim Smith-Northland Select 299                300 GAMES  (28)
Kailey Pardue-Sunshine 279 Mitch Wiersma, Tod Grams (2) Ken Janes 300
Tami Newberry-Sunshine 278 Chuck Otten, Scott J. Smith (2) Brian Garland  
Jennifer Sierveld-Thomas-West Ottawa 277 Kevin Pollock, Gary Emeott, John Captain  
Rachel Handwerg-Saturday Night Fever 276 Joel Sneller, Phil Remelts, Ronnie Snoke  
Lori Kirkland-Sunshine 267 Bob Zuverink, Kevin Pardue, Kelly Wagner  
Jennifer Bloomfield-City Tournament 265          FIRST TIME 300 GAME BOWLERS  
Stephanie Williams-Starlite 260 Troy Eding, Robert Allen, Dan Hathaway 300
Carol Vincnet-Geo Baker Twin Village 257 Virgil Fuerst III, Stanley Zuroske, Ryan Dy  
Dawn Clapp-Thursday Night Misfits 256 Richard Timmer, Pete Kornoelje, Joe Taylor  
Lisa Dohn-Saturday Night Fever 256 Lyndon Johnson, Ron Chrisman Jr.,    

            HIGH SERIES -MEN                

Kim Smith-Northland Select 726/723 Tod Grams-City Tournament        300-248-275 823
Dawn Cole-Fraternal Mixed Traveling 721/712/704 Lyndon Johnson-Suburban           248-300-269 817
Tami Newberry-Northland Select 709 Mike Torres-West Ottawa             278-279-257 814
Kailey Pardue-Sunshine 708 Dan Faber-Business Men's           241-278-289 808
Jordan Kirkland-Sunshine 699 Nick Kooienga-Zeeland Suburban 289-258-258 805
Lori Kirkland-Sunshine 697 Kevin Pardue-Tri-City                  259-266-278 803
Stephanie Williams-Starlite 693 Todd Dalman-Rich Dalman Memorial 252-250-299 801
Dawn Clapp-Northland Select 684 Scott J. Smith-Tri-City                 287-246-267 800
Jennifer Sierveld-Thomas-West Ottawa 682 Joel Reister-West Ottawa 796
Katie VanTuinen-Northland Select 680 Michael Medema-Tri-City 789




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